Company Campaigns

Enable lasting employee-engagement in 3 to 12 months

We love to be there with you and guide you over a a longer period of time. All in order to make the necessary changes for true, lasting employee engagement. 

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Our approach

We are not consultants; we are coaches. In a campaign, we work together with you to increase employee engagement, with the one goal to help you do our job yourself as quickly as possible.

We’re only inside your company for as long as is necessary, but we like to come back every once in a while for support and to check if things are still on track. That’s why our campaigns typically don’t last longer than 3 to 12 months. 

Join our next Fuckup Night!

With Fuckup Nights, we promote open company-cultures that foster employee engagement and innovation, because people dare to share their failures. Thinking about hosting a Fuckup Night at your company?


Campaign examples

Our company campaigns are very diverse. Sometimes we help a team become self-learning, other times we help a company to create a brand new product in a way that fully engages employees. How that works for a company-transformation campaign, such as a transition to Agile working, we explain in the video below!

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