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How can you engage employees in an ever-changing world? You turn them into Ninjas! Let us teach you how through our insights below.

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Are you a dinosaur in disguise?

WORK & MINDSET Are you a dinosaur in disguise? Marc Rodan, Chief Ninja 10 December 2018 “The world is developing faster than ever”, “be Agile”, “respond to change”… Chances are you’ve heard things like this plenty of times already. Heck, you may even be tired of...

How to end the war for talent?

WORK & MINDSET How to end the war for talent?Lieke Weterings, Ninja Expert 7 December 2018 There is a widespread belief that a war for talent is going on. Companies want to have the best employees on their team and they are willing to fight for them. That's why...

Why mindset is a leader’s secret weapon

  LEADERSHIP Why mindset is a leader's secret weapon Harley Weeda, Ninja Expert 5 December 2018 Do you ever feel like you can't do something? Or that your colleagues or employees are good at one thing but bad at another? These are signs of a fixed mindset, which could...