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Increase employee engagement and help them experiment

We don’t believe in a ‘process first’ approach. We like to start with people and their mindset. By enabling teams and individuals to experiment, they become autonomous and able to provide value for the organisation far beyond a manager’s instructions. That’s how you increase engagement!

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The Digital Dojo

The Digital Dojo is an online product for teams developed by Ninjafy in collaboration with Agile experts and coaches, including Gladwell Academy and BlinkLane Consulting.

The Digital Dojo™ easily enables any team to become a fully engaged and high-performing, through continuous self-improvement and experimentation.

Awesome e-learning

To make employee engagement possible and affordable on a large scale, we provide custom-made and off-the-shelf e-learning solutions.

Not only do these online programs make work awesome, but by applying gamification and personal one-on-one video coaching, they make learning awesome too! 

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Een droombaan kun je je werknemers nooit bieden. Maar je kunt ze wel helpen om die te creëren! Zo bespaar je al snel hoge kosten op onder andere verzuim, werving en ontslag. En je werknemers gaan het héél tof vinden!


More online products

Looking for other ways to make work awesome through online tools and e-learning?

We’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you make work more awesome through a customised online solution that fits your company’s specific needs. 

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