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We make work awesome in an ever-changing world

We enable companies to thrive in today’s ever-changing world, through memorable training and tools, both online and offline. How? Through Agile thinking and rapid experimentation… like a true Ninja!

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Online learning

We enable employees to experiment, innovate and improve their performance through online tools and e-learning (also in Dutch).”

We don’t believe in a ‘process first’ approach. We always start with people and their mindset. By enabling teams and individuals to experiment, they become autonomous and able to provide value for the organisation far beyond a manager’s instructions.

Action workshops

We enable leaders, teams and companies to experiment and innovate rapidly through engaging action-workshops.

Have you ever been to a training where you already forgot most of it the second it’s over? No more! With our energetic and interactive workshops, you will feel both inspired and able to put into action what you’ve learned immediately.

Company campaigns

“We take on a unique challenge in your company to get your experiment(s) started within 3 to 9 months.”

Innovation and change don’t have to be hard… they can be fun! Whatever your challenge, let’s experiment together to find the best solution for your company… which will actually last. 

Join our next Fuckup Night!

With Fuckup Nights, we promote open company-cultures that foster innovation, because people dare to share their failures.

Only limited seats available for each session, but… we host private Fuckup Nights too!


Other products

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you make work more awesome at your company.

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