Who’s already Ninjafied?

Why Ninjafy?

We are on a mission to make work awesome, because for most people it isn’t. In fact, 85% of employees worldwide is disengaged at work. At best, they lack motivation, and at worst, they feel deeply unhappy, stressed or even burned out.

We started Ninjafy, because we were also deeply unhappy in our work once. Whether we were working at a startup, SMB or corporate, our workplaces were uninspiring and maintained the status quo. We believe that these organisations, without a strong focus on people and continuous improvement, are doomed to fail in today’s rapidly-changing world. They don’t have to. 

Since quitting our jobs, we took ownership over our work and life, mastered our brain and became rapid experimenters. We believe that these are the skills necessary to survive and thrive today: the skills of an Agile Ninja.