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We engage leaders, teams and entire companies at once

Have you ever been to a training where you already forgot most of it the second it’s over? No more! With our energetic and interactive workshops, you will feel inspired and able (!) to put into action what you’ve learned immediately.

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Ninja Leadership

Learn how to lead for maximum employee engagement. In this 2-day intensive course you’ll learn-by-doing how to unlock a truly self-organising workforce, driven by experimentation and self-development.

We offer this course in two ways: open enrolment (open to anyone) and in-house (customised for your company).

Fuckup Night

The most successful companies aren’t built on success. They are built on failure. With Fuckup Nights, we promote open company-cultures that foster employee engagement and innovation, because people dare to share.

We host this event four times a year in the Hague and in-house (customised, at any moment) in companies.

Bye Bye Burnouts

Get your employees in their optimal flow by helping them deal with stress the right way, using scientifically-proven HeartMath technology by certified trainers.

We offer this workshop to larger groups, teams and in a 7-step Ninja for individuals (to prevent or treat burn-out).

Join our 2-day leadership course!

Challenge yourself and learn how to enable your employees to self-organise, experiment and work with passion.

Only limited seats available for each session!


Other workshops

Looking for other workshops and training than those listed above?

We’d love to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you make work more awesome through a customised workshop that fits your company’s specific needs. 

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Thinking about a Ninjafy training at your company? Or want to attend one of our open events? We’d love to hear from you!